Top 3 Voiceover Artists and Recording Studios in London

Do you want a voiceover artist that will breathe life into your story, move your plotline and add an intimate touch to your characters? A voiceover artist bears the critical responsibility of establishing the crucial audience connection upon which rests the project’s success.

A voiceover artist must stir the audience’s right emotions and trigger their interest by providing clarity through their vocals. If you have a project in London, here are our top 3 voiceover artists and studio recommendations for you.

1.    Martin Allanson

Martin Allanson is one of the finest voiceover artists you will find in all of London. You can find him in Wembley, London, out of his professional recording studio. Martin has an impressive portfolio and a great training background as an actor.

He developed and refined his skills at the highly reputed Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. He has worked as a voiceover artist for fifteen years now. Some of the most prestigious organizations have been his regular clients, and his voice spans six continents.

If you’re actively searching for a British voiceover male artist, Martin Allanson is the best option out there.

2.    Amy Solomon

Amy Solomon is a highly competent UK voiceover male actor. She holds a stunning portfolio with an award nomination and extensive experience in corporate projects, gaming, animation, radio, and television.

She is a highly versatile voiceover artist and has performed excellently behind a microphone for fifteen years now. From being bright, cool, conversational to warm and professional, she has one of the finest voice qualities you will find in the UK’s voiceover industry.

3.    Gabrielle Baker

Gabrielle Baker is a well-experienced and highly professional British voiceover artist. She runs her professional recording studio in Kent at her residence. She trained in all genres of voice acting and narrates for clients all across the globe.

Gabrielle also earned her place as a finalist in 2016 for the Voice Arts Award in LA. She also earned a nomination for the best-selling audiobook narrator. If you want your characters and script to come to life, trust Gabrielle Baker to do it for you.

Top Studios

1.    Martin Allanson

Martin Allanson also owns a professional recording studio in London at Wembley. His studio runs 24/7 and offers services to clients all over the world. You can have a live session with the studio through Zoom, Sessionlink, Cleanfeed, Source Connect, ipDTL, and ISDN.

2.    SNK Studios

For your cinema, radio, or TV projects, SNK studios offer excellent services. The studio has been serving highly reputed clients from the entertainment industry in the UK. They have Source Connect and ISDN systems that enable clients to listen and direct from any part of the world as recording proceeds.

3.    London Voiceover Studio

London Voiceover Studio offers the best value for your money. They provide professional voiceover recording services and extras such as engineering/producing,  voice to picture, and editing.

They have Skype, Source Connect patch, and telephone services as well. For professional and high-quality voiceover recording, this studio is always at your service.

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