Neelam Bakshi’s Rise to Success With the Help of Bronia Buchanan’s BBA Management

Neelam Bakshi, a talented actress known for her diverse roles in television, film, and animated shorts, has had a successful career in large part due to the support of London-based talent agency BBA Management, led by founder and senior agent Bronia Buchanan.

BBA Management represents a select list of exceptional actors and creatives in theatre, films, and television. Bakshi, who recently appeared in the smash streaming hit Ted Lasso, is one of the agency’s most sought-after clients.

Neelam Bakshi’s On-Screen Success with Bronia Buchanan

“The team is wonderful,” says Bakshi. “They’re very supportive. They’re caring. They’re respectful and they’re extremely professional. And they’re very busy. But even if they’re busy, they have time. Initially, we used to meet frequently just to see where we were at … They’re very mindful of what I want to do and they push me in every direction … I was very impressed with Bronia and her team.”

The agency has been instrumental in helping Bakshi land roles in some of her favourite projects, including Better, Sweetness in the Belly, and Cha, a BAFTA-long-listed animated short. BBA Management supports Bakshi throughout the casting process.

The casting process has become increasingly online centred and many auditions now take place over Zoom or via videos. BBA Management takes care of all the contractual aspects, making sure Bakshi is well prepared.

BBA Management’s clients have had numerous successes, and Bakshi is no exception. The agency’s support has been invaluable in helping Bakshi progress her career, and she credits BBA Management’s team for helping her prepare for roles and achieve her on-screen successes.

The Philosophy Behind BBA Management’s Success

BBA Management’s philosophy is centred around supporting actors and creatives to achieve their goals, and the agency has an exceptional track record of doing so. Under Bronia Buchanan’s guidance, BBA’s experienced team of agents has provided comprehensive support to many clients, leading to exciting and transformative career opportunities.

And at the helm is Brionia Buchanan. After years of work at Hammersmith Apollo and Apollo Leisure/Barry Clayman Concerts, and as a founding partner of Arden Entertainment and End of the Pier Productions, Buchanan brought her production experience to BBA Management Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature and a postgraduate diploma in arts management from the University of Surrey.

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