Electric Violin: Transitioning From 4 String to 5 String

One of the engineered types of violin that is totally hype is the 5-string electric violin. If you’ve played a 4-string violin all your life, would a 5-string instrument suit you this time? The truth is that it’s a tough challenge to take because it will require another set of preferences and skills. But if you want to explore the viola C range on your violin, this would be an incredible and enjoyable journey to start. Now that the interest in 5-string violins has increased and being one of the best electric violin types, maybe it’s also the perfect time for you to take the leap you’ve been thinking about for quite some time. Keep reading as we give you the information you need to transition from a 4 string electric violin to a 5 string one.

Difference of 4 string to 5 string

Unlike a four-string violin, a five-string has an added C string. By having a C string of a viola, you can now hit lower range, which is helpful if you want to explore different music genres.

Another difference you would observe is the spacing of the strings. Since there is an added string, there should be adjustments on the neck width and string spacings to achieve comfort when playing.

Why should you buy a 5 string rather than 4 string

Although the main target of the 5-string violin is the fiddlers, the good thing is that those ordinary but curious violinists could also explore it. There are few reasons why you should leap to a five-string violin, such as the following:

  • You could explore the added lower range, either like a violin or viola.
  • You could have another playing style because of the added string, spicing up another unique tone for your music.
  • You could use an instrument depending on what you like. Do you like it as a violin or as a viola? This is useful if you’re a teacher or an instructor who wants to teach your students flexibly.

Pros and cons of each instrument

4-string violin


  • Easy to master
  • Good for beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Limited playing style

5-string violin


  • New playing style available because of the added C string
  • It could either be a violin or viola
  • Ideal for bluegrass, hip-hop, rock, and jazz music style


  • Heavier
  • Expensive
  • Not ideal for beginners

How much time do I need to get used to a 5-string electric violin?

If you used to play a 4-string violin, you would slowly get the chance to adapt to the 5-string sooner or later. You clearly have an advantage over those beginners who want to play a 5-string immediately without knowing the fundamentals first. Your mind will need a few minutes to realize that the 5th string exists. If you want to master it quickly, all you need to do is to spend more time with it and explore what it can do.


One of the best electric violins is the 5-string electric violin. There is nothing wrong if you want to move into a 5-string violin because of its rich C string. However, you need to prepare both your budget and your skills to have a smooth transition. Time, skills, and commitment are all you need to master a violin that comes in a viola perfectly.

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