5 Things You CAN’T Forget When Planning a Wedding

Planning your wedding can be exciting, and also quite stressful;. You might find that a few small details will slip your mind. Some of these will be no big deal. However, there are some things you absolutely can’t forget when planning your big day. Here, we look at five essential things to remember.

  1. Your budget

Budgeting might not be the most romantic word in the dictionary, but it is a vital part of your wedding planning. It can be easy to get swept up in all the different things you can spend money on. By laying out a realistic budget with a small cushion to allow for unexpected expenses, you will avoid running out of money before purchasing everything you need.

  1. Refreshments for everyone

Your wedding reception isn’t just for speeches and cake cutting. If you are serving food, make sure to organise this well in advance. You will need to decide whether you are using a caterer provided by your venue or an external service. The catering service you choose should have options for every potential dietary requirement – which is important for pleasing a range of guests.

  1. The entertainment

While at your reception, the entertainment is what everyone will remember! Whether you want a chilled-out sit-down event or a raucous dance party, there will be talented musicians who can tick your boxes. Providers like Tailored Entertainment have a variety of different bands who can play floor fillers or smooth jazz depending on your wedding.

  1. Transport

Unless you are having your wedding ceremony and reception in one spot, the likelihood is that you’ll need transport between venues. While the bridal party is likely to have a wedding car, bear in mind that not all your guests will have their own vehicles. Arranging car-shares ahead of time can be a great help to everyone.

  1. The legalities

Don’t forget that a wedding is about legalities as well as romance! You need to register your intention to marry at least a month in advance when getting married in the UK. It is important to ensure that you have any relevant documentation on the big day, too, so you can get married without a hitch. With these five essentials in mind, your wedding will run much more smoothly. Enjoy your special day!

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